Best Solar Air Conditoner in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries where temperature in summer ranges from 45 to 50 degree Celsius and the use of air conditioners becomes mandatory. Depending on the cooling capacity of an air conditioner the power consumption may vary. A 1 ton AC may consume 1200 watts of electric power whereas a 1.5 ton AC might require 1800 watts of electricity. Price of solar system for AC primarily depends on its cooling capacity. Green Vision Engineering offers a 3 KW solar system for a 1.5 ton AC. This solar system is not only sufficient to derive an air conditioner but also other mini load in the day time.

Although, there are not separate solar panels for AC. But our A grade solar panels are capable to withstand the load of air conditioners efficiently. There are a few solar AC available in market that works directly on the dc voltage coming from solar panels. But these air conditioners are not that reliable, therefore it is better to use a solar hybrid inverter to run an air conditioner instead of buying a solar hybrid AC.

Solar fans or AC DC fans are common nowadays for minimizing electricity consumption and they are capable to work on AC power and as well as DC power coming from battery or panels. Solar fan price in Karachi ranges from 4500 to 5500 PKR and it comes under one year warranty period. Solar fans in Pakistan have become popular in very short time period. A load of 4 solar fans, lights and a fridge can easily run for day and night on a 2 KW solar system.

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