Solar Battery Storage in Pakistan

Hybrid solar systems are usually designed for regions under load shedding problems. Solar energy generated in day times is stored in solar storage batteries systems to ensure uninterrupted electric power supply. Huge capacity solar power batteries are used as a backup power source for the solar system. Hybrid solar inverters allow interconnections of solar panels (PV), grid power, and battery bank. Parameters for each of these power sources can be programmed inside the inverter to guarantee maximum consumption of solar energy and minimum consumption of grid energy.

Solar panels with battery storage are not common in the market yet. However the technical team at Green Vision Engineering has designed such system systems that can store massive amount of solar energy into battery banks. Dry cell lithium ion battery and tubular batteries (deep cycle) are typically used for solar systems. These types of solar storage solutions are more reliable and lifelong however customers might find it costly as compared to ordinary batteries.

Solar battery price in Pakistan is based on their load capacity and AH rating. These deep cycle batteries are specially designed to offer uninterrupted power for longer periods. Deep cycle battery is generally available in market, ranging from 17,000 PKR to 35,000 PKR with one year brand warranty. Green Vision Engineering offers Hyundai tubular deep cycle battery, Phoenix tubular deep cycle battery, Osaka tubular deep cycle battery, Daewoo deep cycle battery and Exide tubular deep cycle battery. 

For a 5 kilowatts solar hybrid inverter (48 volts), 4 batteries of 12 volts are required to be connected in a series connection. A system based on 230 AH tubular batteries will derive 600 watts of continuous load for approximately 14 hours. This amount of backup is ideal for domestic usage; however the output may vary if batteries are not fully charged via solar in day time. That’s why it is crucial to design a system in such a way that solar power generation meets the output load capacity.



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