Best Solar Inverter in Pakistan

Solar inverter is a significant part of a solar system. The basic operation of solar inverter is to convert direct current into alternate current in a solar panel which is used to power not only small devices such as fans, bulbs and tube lights but also powerful electrical appliances such as refrigerator and air conditioners in offices and homes. We offer the best quality solar inverters in Pakistan that gives you maximum performance at affordable rates.

In other words, solar inverter helps use alternate power energy in our electric system that is directly extracted from sunlight. No matter how small or big your business, company, office or home is, you need a power supply solution for it.

Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan:

Various Inverter brands charge different prices in Pakistan depending upon the quality and functionality of inverters. Contact us with your details so we may quote you an appropriate price for your inverter.

On-Grid or Grid-tie Solar Inverters

A Grid Tie Solar Inverter / On Grid Solar Inverter gives energy to the main grid and use frequency and associated phases to connect to it. This type of inverter automatically shuts down when there is a power failure in the system.

Off-Grid Solar Inverters

Off-Grid Inverters are not connected directly to the main grid. The stored DC power in the battery is supplied to the inverter, which converts DC power into AC power and is then used to run appliances. This type of inverter is widely used in suburban areas.

Benefits of Solar inverters:

  • Solar inverters are highly affordable and onetime investment on it gives you benefits for a lifetime.
  • They are eco-friendly since they improve the greenhouse effect and take part in making the earth a better place.
  • It helps to make partial use of electricity and thus reduces cost of electricity bills.
  • They are comparatively better than generators in terms of durability and running costs.